Tuesday, April 07, 2009

music on my mp3 player

Since I started downloading music onto my computer, i haven't really been listening to music on the subway or out an about. Mostly just when I am on the computer. I guess I have relished in the silence. Although, I am terribly inspired by music.

Today on my MP3 player. I noticed that 75% of my music is BREAKUP music! The "I hate you" or "never again" songs. I couldn't believe it. How un-inspiring is that?! I clicked through my entire song list on just a 15 minute ride. now. That's terribly unispiring. I plan on downloading some good make-out, falling in love, creating magic kind of music! That's what a single girl needs! GEeeeesh

1 comment:

Maria L said...

Hilarious! Make sure you don't add Jann Arden to the mix ;-)