Wednesday, April 08, 2009

can you hear it?

its the sound of me being inspired!!

I cleaned out the studio. Ordered new resin moulds. New images. and have a new mac to play with images for my resin line! woooa. So excited.

I decided I am having 2 distinct lines. I enjoy resin, so why deprive myself of the pop-art/kitchy craft? not to mention, they are really inspiring to create.

I will also move forward with the urban professional line. My previous line has diverted from the professional somewhat...however, I need new accessories! and if I do others! so I am back. My mothers day (yes, just short of 4 weeks away) will be released next week...with some uber trendy urban professional gear! I work in the heart of the fashion district and am thoroughly impressed with the style sense of my other-fashion district-colleagues. So this is my new inspiration. 

I can't wait to share.......

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