Tuesday, April 07, 2009

airing the place out

Last night I spent a few hours in the studio. Cleaning it.  Since the holidays, I think i have been in my studio for only a handful of hours, and then it was with particular tasks at hand. The studio gets a bit drafty. so I need to fix that for next winter!.

Anyhow, I went down and dusted, started to organize and re-familiarize myself with my luscious beads and stash!  I pulled up all of the throw rugs i pile on top of each other and surprised I didn't find living creatures amongst the layers and muck! It feels airy to clean it up like that.

I also cleaned up the stash of resin pieces. Last year, if a resin piece didn't turn out, I would keep it. With tones of bubbles, or paper spoiled, holes drilled incorrectly. I would keep them all.  I couldn't bear to part with any part of a creation. However, this year, ruthless in my task at cleaning, I through them all out!   I just know  I will hear of a really great technique or someone that has done some really great things with old and cured resin.....oh well. I will have to hang in there and make some mistakes this year! 

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