Saturday, April 11, 2009

all this new inspiration

and I am terribly sick! I can't believe that on Friday morning, of a long weekend, I wake up with swollen lymph glands, a terribly sore throat, and is completely congested. Didn't I JUST get over a cold? like, really! For the life of me I am amazed at how sick I keep getting. I am praying that the worst of it is over. Last night wasn't the best night i have ever had. At one point I had garlic cloves in my ear, topped with olive oil surrounding my ear (a home remedy which actually worked for me!)  

Yesterday I had some great friends come over and steal jack for a few hours. He was nice and exhausted when they brought him home! It was the best.  SO yesterday I spent the day in bed and the majority of today as well. I did venture out of the house to walk jack for about 20 minutes today. I feel so bad, the weather is so nice. and I am in bed, sleeping or reading (not too much reading is getting done as I drift in and out).  

My mom works at a health clinic and gets some VIP treatment in Brantford. So while I am visiting for Easter, my mom is going to take me to the clinic to get rid of the earache. 

Until then, I haven't worked on anything but healing my body.  I also think that yoga needs to be re-introduced to my life. It's amazing how a little tender loving destressor really makes a difference.

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