Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my birth number

I borrowed the book "The Life you were born to live" by Dan  McMillman from the library after a good friend of mine recommended it.

It is a book about your birth number. You find your birth number, which mine was 31/4. All three (3, 1 and more specifically 4) have meaning in my life. It spells out what the numbers mean etc. 

This is in the tune of astrology. Some people buy it. Others don't. I love learning about this stuff, I don't allow it to limit who I am, but I often learn something about myself in a new way. 

When reading this book, I really related to the number 4 in the process aspect. The number 4's main component is around stability and process. The part that I most related to, was process. I want everything, without going through all the processes....I can relate this to a number of things.

1) I want an organized accounting system...and do not want to go through the process of setting it up.
2) I want a successful small crafty-business, but don't want to write a business plan or set myself up  completely.
3) I want to lose weight but don't go through the process or follow through of doing all of the steps that I am all too familar with on how to achieve that goal
4) i want a partner. i don't want to date.
5) i want fabulous food. i don't want to cook it.

see...I can go on and on and on. When I read this part, it struck me. The story he used that really struck me, was that 4's often start building a house in mid-air just because they want a house. They forget to do the foundation.

So...I have dedicated February to the foundation!! I am focusing on the process on how to get what I want. I can follow steps easily, once they are laid out for me.

They both start with F's too. February is foundation month for me.

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

This shows that you have really good insight into your own "self". I think this is fascinating and hope you keep us posted on your discoveries. I love your accounting of your process woes....sounds familiar. Great post. Good luck.
Fondly, (that's another "F")