Thursday, February 12, 2009

its a process

I keep writing with promise of progress in my jewelry/business. And am very excited that I have SOMETHING to report! i bought the domain/hosting and have created my new website...well...created a home splash page that has nothing to do with jewelry.  The admin part is it's the fun stuff! 

Most of my readers know, that I took on a new job just over two months ago.  The new job is causing me to expand in ways that I never thought possible, but also making me truley value my creative side. The majority of my current job consists of writing, research and administration.  So I need my business to inspire me and to allow me to express myself creatively.  Its something that is valued in my life.

The other update: My mom is turning 50. I am creating a wonderful book of 50 things I love about my mom (Thanks Lesley :) and Nancy! great idea!) I have cried already a few times making it.  She is going to be tickled pink. I brought my siblings in to do a few pages as well. so our stories/what we love are simply a riot. She is going to laugh, love and cry. which I am so looking forward to!  I am also in charge of the slide show. Which will be brilliant with the new mac! I am looking forward to that.....

I'll post pics of the book before or maybe even when i give her the book.


nancy said...

i think leslie deserves the credit, i just added the photo idea.
i know your mum will love this. you better add a box of kleenex!

bjo said...

True! Thanks Nancy! you are right it was Leslie's idea!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I actually did this for my Dad's 80th. birthday. He couldn't believe the things I came up with that gave him joy. He was very touched, and now that he is no longer with us, I still have the little book. Nancy's idea of photo's is a great one. I did little watercolour pictures in mine. Hope it's going well, I know you will all love it. Especially your Mum. Kleenex indeed. A nice artistic "collaboration". I love it.