Saturday, January 24, 2009

what are you doing saturday night?

This blog entry has nothing to do with jewelry. dogs. books or anything crafty. but its probably one of the most surreal and bizzare stories I will likely have, perhaps in my life. I am going to walk you through a narrative.

Its Saturday night. 7:15pm actually. I haven't dyed my hair in a year because i was trying to grow it out. however, tonight...I'm feeling daring and in need for change. I grab the hair dye and slap it on. Next. Okay, I have a few minutes. I wash my face. Then decide to do a face mask. I am pampering to the extreme. 

7:36pm. I come into my room. sit on the computer. check my email. And my roomate comes into my room panicked. She heard gun shots when she was outside. I dialed 911 for her and told her to tell the police. She talks to the operator and explains what happens. I look out the window and this is what i see:

I see our road blocked off by police cruisers. I see uniformed cops on the opposite side of the road crouched behind cars with their guns pulled. then hear more gun shots. Panic ensued. 

*Door bell rings* i run downstairs to answer the door (I knew it was the police as I saw them all along the street). The police answer with "Get down to the basement. Turn the lights off. Stay out of the windows. STAY OUT OF THE WINDOWS." We run. and run through the house. I try to get all the lights and tv off as quickly as possible. My roomate is doing matrix moves to get her dog downstairs. Jack is by my side the whole time.  We go to the basement. And stay nicely and almost quietly tucked down in our cold and dark (no lights on remember) basement. As we are in the basement. Police are in and out of our house. At one point. They locked themselves out. I had to go let them in. I  opened the door to really big police officers, one caring a rifle. What ...carrying a rifle?! I haven't ever seen a gun up that close. I just remember looking at the gun...and the police officers big shoes.  I quickly scooted back the basement. We hear police walking up and down stairs, in and out of the house. It feels like it may have been a few hours. but in reality, it was for an hour and a half. I knew that whatever was happening...wasn't good. but i also had a very safe and warm feeling with knowing that there were a number of police officers in my home. I knew that I would be taken care of.  

I think there is something to be said about police protection .I mean how many people really feel protected by police. That protected. I know that police protect us everyday in theory. But in this moment, my trust was 100% handed over to them. I think that once a person is protected by police in a way like this, there is just this honour and awe that you feel for police.  

Anyhow .I digress. The police finally flicked on the light.  After letting our eyes adjust he started talking. He said 'you are safe now'...'we caught the bad guy". what? what bad guy? we don't really know anything that has happened. Then the police said..."what's on your face?" ooh.. "right officer, I have a face mask and hair dye on". He laughed so hard. I know. i know. yuck it up buttercup. I was in the basement scared..while my hair fried and my skin dried. Ooh the sacrifices (I am being light).

Good news. One of the guys had been arrested. Yes in my backyard. Scary. That the whole time. The 'bad guy' was just a few feet from us. He too was hovering and cold, I am sure scared. We had no idea he was so close. The police covered that up pretty well.  We thought the whole neighbourhood was tucked safely into their basements waiting for the police to let them out. That really wasn't the case. The police let us know that it wasn't the whole was us. Another aside, our back gate to the backyard broke just TODAY. So the gate was removed from our backyard. the 'bad guy' full access to our backyard and house. I doubt with the gate on, that he would ever have been in our backyard....what are the chances?!

So we are now allowed to be out of the basement (now that the bad guy isn't hiding in our backyard and the police don't have a stake out in our house). At one point we did hear the toilette being flushed...glad we could be of service! ha. Anyhow. I quickly had a shower to get the hair dye out of my hair (yes, for almost 2 hours). As i was showering, I heard the police in the house. Weird. The police were still looking for a gun that the suspect had. They thought it might be on our roof. We didn't see it, but you take a better look officer, I have been sitting in a dark basement for some time.....

It's now 11:36pm. Police are still here, but in the backyard and alley. We had the k9 unit doing a backyard sweep. That was the only part Jack wasn't so fond of. That's his territory. not to mention, I think he wanted to be out helping.  To date. We aren't allowed to leave our house. Jack needs a police escort to use the washroom. Poor guy. He didn't have stage freight though. He's a trooper. Right now he's tucked safely beside me keeping me warm as I type.

I know that this entry is all over the place. I wanted to get a first kick at what happened and put it in writing. I don't want to forget the details (like having hair dye in, or the craziness of it).

My friend from Edmonton just called, we have made national news. oh dear. Here is a clip below....


Carmi said...

Here it is Sunday morning. I have a cup of cofffee and I am visiting my friends on line.
THIS IS THE LAST THING I expected to read today! I am so glad it ended well...the hair aside (which did make me laugh) but I am sure there were some awful moments for you both...Happy you blogged while it was fresh...what a nightmare!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I too am so glad to hear that you are all safe and sound. The dogs must have been going crazy what with the canine unit etc.! I must say the hair and the face mask part are hilarious. Hope that all came out in the wash, so to speak. Just relieved that you're fine and able to write about it. SCARY!!!