Monday, January 19, 2009

sing it katy perry

I am not the biggest Katy Perry fan. However, when her song "hot and cold" comes on. Boy, do I get my groove on! I fully dance in the studio or shower. and if it's a place that others are occupying the space with me...well I just bop my head. Why? The tunes okay. but i think mostly I relate to the song...I'm a bit hot and then cold......really. truth be told.

This week I am into organizing...again. See. I go on organizing kicks then somehow I look around and my desk is littered with incoming bills, my studio is still in a drastic state of chaos and my socks haven't been matched in weeks....perhaps i go through a dis-array or state of chaos period? Not sure...but its certainly the opposite of organized.....

Tonight I managed to clean up some of my bills (not literally...they are still sitting on the desk) and then I tried (very diligently) to transfer my files from my PC to my Mac.  Wasn't an easy task. The two systems are very different in where files are to transfer some of my business took me a while. They are located on the mac now...however, I just dumped them on. They are in no's a good thing I'm on an organizing kick isn't it?!


Maria said...

I love that song too - perhaps you make the mess so you have something to organize?! Just a thought - kinda like what came first, the chicken or the egg?! Miss you!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

My daughter just got a Mac too, and she is singing it's praises. I guess there is quite a lot it can do. She sent me a photo of herself with a background image of the moon. Being an astrophysicist, that's a big'll have to try these backgrounds and post a picture. No pressure, when you get your socks sorted will be fine :)