Wednesday, November 26, 2008


completing projects has never been my forte.

I can start a project like it's no ones' business. I take it on. I love it. and then....something happens JUST as I am about to finish the project.

Now. If this just happened in one area in my life...I wouldn't think this was an issue...but it's everywhere I look.

In my studio...I have TONNES of resin pendants, unfinished projects that I have started (some i have already invested hours and hours into), unfinished projects at work (that really need only edits or about an hour or two of work to complete). What is that about?

This mission in life is to complete. Complete outstanding projects at home, in the office, in the studio, in my personal life....

here i.......

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irenka said...

I think that must be creative license. My house looks like that. I love all these things and look at them regularly. I actually filled some notes the other night that said things to finish "someday". Don't fret, that's my new years resolution finish things. I know I won't get everything finished but I can try. Good luck with your projects.