Sunday, November 30, 2008

sucked in

I have avoided putting a tv in my studio for so long. I knew that it would be a catastrophe on a whole other level. Specifically meaning that the time spent in the studio would quadruple...and that is exactly what's happening! I always pictured having a tv in my studio to keep me company.

What was happening now...was I would do all the big stuff downstairs in the studio (pour resin, solder, etc) and then the rest of the necklace woudl get complete I found that there was usually a missing step between upstairs and downstairs. And considering i was honouring the act of completion.....I did notice the stretch.

So here we are. new studio. and i have to admit I dig it! I will just watch movies downstairs...that's all i need. A few movies that are simply there for some company.....

I will post pictures of the studio and new designs later today!

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