Monday, October 06, 2008


Today I have spent the day all over the place.

I have had the opportunity to review others blogs. I spend a good hour or so divulging in others blogs. This to me is divine inspiration! People are so crafty.

The other great pleasure, which works hand in hand with my goal of the day: was to pull out and sort my taxes. I have been so overwhelmed with the fact that " I didn't know how to file my business taxes".....which i don't even really need to know. but I let that stop me from filing on the due date (July). I have since pulled the materials, sorted, and have actually figured it out myself! its not all that hard. I will bring it to my mom on the weekend and it will be complete.

I brought out the seed beads today. I noticed that I wanted to knit some more (which to me, bead weaving is the same). SO i pulled out the bead weaving. I have been working on a few big projects that haven't seemed to be complete. So I will work on that project for a bit. I want to have a few bigger pieces complete for the holiday season!

In all, a rather successful day. I have been getting a lot of things off the old to do list...which will create some space for something new.

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