Friday, October 17, 2008


I haven't posted in awhile. (I guess I state the obvious for those who aren't observant). I was living in that I wasnt' doing anything to move my jewelry/art forward. I had a breakthrough with time yesterday noticing that I have an association with time = value. So if I am not spending a copious amount of time on things, i don't think they are valuable or good. ie) my jewelry. I havne't been spending a lot of time creating, so I wrote it off.

I am up to some pretty amazing things! This weekend I will be taking a workshop with miss Jane Wynn! Which is more than amazing! I can't wait. We have a small (11) people in our class for 2 days! So this weekend I will be learning and creating. 2 of my favourite things! I hope to have some pictures from the weekend to update on my blog!

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Maria said...

cool background! have a great creative weekend!