Sunday, October 05, 2008

And todays goals

Todays goal: to update my website, blog and send an eblast about hosting home shows.

I didnt' accomplish all of the goals. I did update my website. and then that's it.My computer crashed shortly after I updated the website (around noon) so I walked away. I decided I was going to watch a movie. For me. that usually consists of knitting/beading/crafting and watching tv. but not this afternoon. I completely just vegged on the couch. I needed it. I have been calling friends to hear this response "ohh I'm okay, just getting over a cold/flu/sick"...ugh. So this afternoon I played pro-active and just vegged out. It was nice. I watched some great movies and puttered.

I watched the movie the Colour Purple. I just finished reading the book, so it was such a great time to watch the movie. It's LONG. since I just read the book, I decided that I was going to take jack to Tim Hortons for a pumpkin muffin (his fave) :)

Tomorrow I plan to spend a good chunk of time in the studio again! it's nice and I am ready :)

Do check out the website at And also, check out how to host a homeshow!

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