Monday, September 15, 2008


Today, after getting my blackberry fixed and then cleaning a clients house, I came home to do a major over haul of the studio AND bedroom! can you imagine? I have spent.....about 20 hours cleaning clients homes in the last 3 days! Not to mention my home tonight! My body is getting a bit achy. It's time to bring out the yoga mat!

In the Studio I am still working on slowly dismantling the chaos from the junction arts festival while trying to get the photos up of the extra jewelry i have. I have a new piece of furniture in the studio, which is making the dismantling that much more fun! I get to re-org while I dismantle. Organizing the studio is almost my favourite thing to do down there. Is that weird? I get so excited when I get to re-organize. I think it's the 'new' my previous post.

Right now I am going to head to the shower before the Hills comes on!! The perfect way to retire for the evening (not to mention i have the new energy body wash from the body shop!) WEeeee

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