Friday, September 12, 2008

a butterfly

I am really good at beginnings.

New relationships, new jobs, new projects, heck even new art pieces. What I have a hard time with is finishing.

I don't like to finish. It take something for me to finish things. It really does. If I could. I would only start things....

Today marks a beginning for me.

My 'career' is now part-time. The rest of my time, is going to be spent focusing on my business. I will be taking on some other graphic/web design consulting as part of my new business. It's a big step. I think I haven't been talking about it as I have been trying to 'finish' being full time in my career and what that looks like.

In honor of moving forward I have pursued a few stores to take on selling my jewelry, and am taking on this week, looking at other opportunities to sell my product. I am also pursuing an opportunity to use a store front in kengiston market once a week! So I will be taking on the holiday craft sales, holiday sales and a few locations for commission. If you have any ideas as to where you think my stuff could/should be sold, send me an email:

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