Wednesday, September 24, 2008


every time i go to download my pictures. I think. I will do this in this hour then post them. and it ALWAYS takes at least 3 hours to download, rename, resize...let alone posting and doing write ups!! oi oi oi

in the meantime. here is a picture of jack that was of course taken amidst the batch of pictures!!

ps. Maria. he was SOOO excited to be wearing the Here's To My Choice lanyard. He's my superstar.


Maria said...

I have to agree. He does look pretty darn proud. Almost like he thinks you'll be taking him to work, seriously!

Anonymous said...

Oh Maria must love that :)

Get Jack to wear the here's to my choice t-shirt..the green will bring out the colour of his fur.. he he he ;)


bjo said...

pictures of my jewelry! mind out of the gutters!! gggeeesh.