Thursday, June 05, 2008


after a 4 hour surgery my mom's surgery is complete. my mom. aka superwoman. she asked to come home a few times. i told her that I didn't think jerry knew how to empty her cathedor (sp). So she wasn't allowed. She had a lot of morphine in her today, as the surgery was a little more complicated than anticipated....apparently things got shifted around in the surgery (and actually before!) her tumours were bumping her thyroid into her back (which was causing the pain that they thought was the osteporosis) and then another tumour had burried itself into the lining of her stomach. Which also took a bit of delicacy in removing. So after it's all said and done, my mom will be way better off! which we are all excited for!

Today, was a bit of another story. She was in quite a bit of pain and was slightly delusional. She kept saying the funniest/weirdest thing that made us all laugh. by the time I left the hosptial at 8pm tonight she was in great spirits. she asked me if she could come home a few times near the end of the night. I told her no, because Jerry didn't know how to empty a catheder (sp). So she wasn't allowed. She asked when the catheder is removed...and I told her in the morning, but that doesn't mean she gets to go home. She then asked what she gets to eat for dinner (she JUST ate dinner...well..broth and jello) So. her apetite is back. which is great. My mom asked me to get her bag, so I handed it too her...and the little buggar had treats in her bag. I had to confiscate them and put them away...telling her tomorrow she can eat solid foods. It really is quite bizzare telling my mom what to do. And deep down, I think she LOVES it. (that i turned out to be a mini-her). I was all business bjo today! I even made a schedule so my mom didn't get too many visitors (She had WAY too many today!) I guess it's the draw-back to having a ginourmous and close family.

Anyhow. I am off to cuddle with jack. he didnt' wake up the roommate last night howling...which is a nice change. Jeff on the otherhand....has been meooowing his face off. the roommate was like...if it's not one. it's the other. my boyz are drama!

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Jen W. said...

hey - I'm so glad to hear your Mom's surgery went well! Hopefully, she will be back home in no time, treats and all. :)