Wednesday, June 04, 2008

she's on to us

my sisters and I just 'hung' out with my mom tonight. It's kind of fun. the way we just sit around and talk. laugh. love. eat. it's brilliant. I don't do enough of that in my life. I usually try to squeeze events or 'reasons' to hang out with friends. ie) see that movie I wanted to see, mall to shop, trying new meals. it's not very often that I just 'hang out'. I love it. it's great for the soul. I had no worries about where i had to be or what needed to be done. I can honestly say that i was absolutely present for my mom and sisters tonight. *sigh*

My mom is onto us though. We tried ever so hard not to let mom in on our 'sister gathering'. We didn't want her to know that there was any kind of fun or socializing with her in the hospital. but. being my mom and who she is in the world...she was beaming. truely beaming about her three daughters planning on having a rock band party with drinks (and dogs are invited...jack is going to be stooked. i bet he calls guitar!)

My mom was given some meds today to 'clean' her out. Poor muffin. The bathroom upstairs is being quarentened as we speak!! She is vomitting and is nasueas. with all of this. she can't eat. Jerry keeps sneeking downstairs to eat food as he doens't want to tantilize my mom. So we have all of these treats set up in the wreck room. good thing my mom can't do stairs right now!! or she would be miffed to see the party down here! We are heading out for 8am tomorrow. Which is kind of nice. as my mom won't have to wait long before going in to surgery. She can only have tea and clear liquids. so she's a little hungry and slightly irratable. I think it might be the meds too and she is scared.

Anyhow. off to clean the bathroom. my mom got out the vim to clean....whhaaa? i told her to bath and head to bed. I am sure mrs. clean can handle one little bathroom!!

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