Saturday, January 26, 2008

time for a new post

every time i have gone to update teh blog. i thought to myself. but i haven't been doing ANY could I update my blog.?!. hilarious. I scrolled down to see how much is REALLY about jewerly....hmm...*clears throat* so I guess that really isn't an excuse.

I have come down with somewhat of a wicked cold. originally i isn't so bad. I told everyone that i was sick, it was just a cold. then. it hit me like a tone of bricks last night. ugh. ok. ok. i'm sick. I give in. today i spent most of my day puttering around the house and getting visits from friends. so great.

i hope to get to jewelry soon. I am enrolling in some classes at george brown in jewelry. so that will be very motivating. I also have an upcoming class. I LOVE classes......

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