Saturday, January 19, 2008

just one more thing....

today i spent my entire day with a little one. a little 8 month old munch-kin. It made me realize how much time i really do have.

i thought of my friend, who, due to unfortunate circumstances, is left to be a single mom. She came over today to get a bit of 'her' time...although...i noticed she had very little her time. So i bundled our little munchkin up and saddled up jackson and took them both for a good hour walk. Everyone was amused. I came home to a dog that was happy and grateful to share his adventures with a little creature that he adores (kisses out the wazoo for her) a little tired out munch-kin for getting so much fresh air. and a mom who had time to paint some canvases. amazing.
i felt pretty good about that. I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to mom and playing with munchkin. We ran some errands toO (in true and typical mom fashion).

now. thinking about my day. and how i am simply exhausted from being 'on' all day. playing peek-a-boo and running around with a lil's must be tired. and I can only tired single moms are. It gives me a new appreciate for my mom.

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