Saturday, January 19, 2008

on the bus

yesterday i was on the bus...and I can't help but think about what happened.

an older man had a small little boy with him (I would guess about 2 years old). We go to get on the bus and people are pushing and shoving. I let the man and small child on a head of me...not even that they were beside me...i reached around to bring them on before me. They get on the bus with standing room only...and no one gives up their seat! can you imagine. Finally, after the first stop, the man finds a seat for his small child. I was furious. If that was a woman. People would have given up their seats. I see that happen all the time. I can't believe that people treated a man with a baby that way.

I figure its one of two things.
1) no one saw the baby and hence continued along their way, not expecting a man to be with child (alhtough, I like to think we no longer live in such society)
2) people feel that a MAN is strong enough and doesn't need the help of a community.

who knows. I just know that it upset me to no end.

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