Thursday, January 17, 2008

back to life...back to reality

I decided to go back to work (in the office) full time again. When i made the decision, I had a renewed energy and motivation at the office. With the renewed energy and motivation in the office, I actually have quit the opposite with my beading business. Not so much takes something for me not to want or like to bead...but the actual running of the business. It takes something.

So today, I entered some more of my product onto ETSY...I think perhaps 4 necklaces. And then I updated my website. I hope this weekend to dedicate at least one day to the 'business' side. I would like to have a valentines day 'sale' I need to get on that!! I have purchased a few hearts and red beads (I do love red!!) so the theme will be easy! I will make some resin hearts that will complete the line...a smaller line for me.....i think i will plan to have a bigger release for mothers day.

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