Sunday, January 13, 2008

third time is a charm

i can't believe it. i know. most of you are going to be gasping when you read this. it happened again. similar to julia roberts in runaway bride, this one was predictable to say the least.

my parents, brother and nephew were supposed to be here for dinner tonight. and guess what...they cancelled. at least they called. i have to's less dissapointing when I get a call and apology. but none the less. the roast is in the oven. potatoes are cut. dessert is prepared...and here i am...all alone. updating my blog.

my brother 'didn't make it home in time'.....lame excuse? yes. my mom isn't feeling well either. and she actually called this morning to let me know that she might bail...I think if my brother had been 'on time' my mom would have came...otherwise, she isn't feeling well.

the universe isn't just trying to tell me's bonking me across the head....with 100 lb boulders.

thanks universe. i needed this weekend full of spontaneous plans. upset. questioning. folding posters. reading proposals and cleaning the house.

and to boot. my satilette is down....UGH.

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