Monday, December 24, 2007

happy holidays

my handsome boy had a photo shoot last night after getting the brushing of his life with the furminator! He loved the brushing (which he usually runs away at the site of a brush!) and we naturally ventured into photoshoot! Jeff wasn't as you wont' see any pics of him. it was next to impossible to get him in his santa hat! I have been pampering jack and preparing him for his time in brantford. It's always such a chaotic and hectic time for him. The millions of people (okay....maybe 10's of people), the noise, the excitement, the small children hopped up on sugar, the drinks, the sleeps away from home...and this year....being away from his best bud Jeff. I woke up this morning to see jack and jeff cuddled on jack's bed....they really are the best of friends!
From Jack, Jeff and I. We hope you all have a merry christmas! Jack and I will be back home on Boxing day. Much Love.

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