Wednesday, December 26, 2007

de-clutter-fest = boxing day

this morning i safely arrived back to toronto after having a fabulous time with the family in brantford. The holidays always remind me of just how great my family is and how really lucky i am. I love being at home. but i also love being in my new home that i have created for myself! This year, my visit was JUST enough. usually i stay a little too long and leave with a sour taste in my mouth. a few moments longer, could have done that this year....but it really was the perfect amount of time!

I arrived back in toronto late this morning to Jeff. The poor shut in who spent christmas all alone :( I felt really bad and have since showered him in tOo much undivided attention. jack is getting jealous. I have also spent a good deal of the!! Since the holidays..and leading up to it. I have been purchasing beads, supplies, products and simply placing them (or ripping them up and using some of them) I actually haven't stored them or found a home for them yet. So today my only plan is to putter around the house. sorting files. finding homes for things. cleaning. using my new vacuum. and just being alone. to me. this is the perfect boxing day.

i hope everyone else is doing just what they want on this boxing day!

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