Sunday, December 23, 2007

dreamin' big

sometimes i have these big grandiose plans to change or do things......and either I am limited by lack of time, motivation, or just i simply am one person. i wanted to have a boxing day blitz. but unsure that I will even get to it all online before I leave for christmas. Since I have been so busy with beading, I have left my christmas gifts to the last I am left sorting, wrapping and making some gifts. I have 3 unfinished projects out on the floor right now...accompanied by the gifts i ordered and the list of gifts I would like to make. so. I really think this will consume my night. The next two days are off limits! i am spending the time with Jack and the family (i know, poor jeff will be staying home :( solo) poor muffin. So I know i won't be up to it before then. Then. it's boxing day. I might be able to get them up boxing day.......

anyhow......Jack and Jeff got me the new furminator for perfect time. I need to brush Jack before we head home for the holidays.

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