Thursday, December 27, 2007

apparently i get two boxing days

as an unexpected turn of events. I get two boxing days! what does that mean? well. I get to have 2 full days devoted to de-cluttering. cleaning. organizing. and being alone! I have eaten only vegtables fruit and chococalte for 2 days. slept when I wanted. took nice long and slow dog walks (jack's favourite) & ate ice cream out of the box. I have brought out all of my old beading/craft projects that I started awhile ago (some...a year ago!) and have worked on a few of them. I have one beading project that I started in a class i think in the summer. The necklace is a 19 rows of peyote will take awhile! so today once i got tired from cleaning/organizing I sat down watched shrek 3 and beaded away at the project. Going back in time...I wouldn't pick the same colours to do this project with (I picked blue and green) however, i have already invested hours into it....I'll leave it as is.

tomorrow is the first day that I have something planned.

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