Monday, July 16, 2007

something new

now that my first festival has been completed. I am on a role. I feel that it was simply a check mark on a list. A learning opportunity. and a small hiccup in road to where i am going. The first show, while the sales remained very low. it's the reality of a business owner. you take risks. you live outside the box. so. onto bigger and better things.
I am working out my marketing and business plan right now, to see what the best way to proceed with now until christmas is. yup. you heard it correctly. CHRISTMAS. I need to start getting ready for the holiday season to be sure that I fulfill on the big picture.
Tonight I am updating the website, and will be re-designing the site, my blog and creating my ETSY store. This week is teh week of the internet. I will be updating and updating and updating.
I have a few other websites that I am currently being summoned to produce. So I will dub this, the website week! I'm pretty excited to move on. The last week has left me only in my beading studio. I am looking forward to some time on the internet and designing this way.
Can you tell I am a typical Libra? balance...I'm all about the balance ;)

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