Monday, July 16, 2007

i'm back. and still alive

my first show wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. Then again, from what i hear, you just never really know who and when your product will sell at shows.
I didn't sell a lot at the show (in fact, would border on barely selling a thing). I was a little bummed out about it initially and took it a little personally.
and then I really got that this is my first show. it's fine. nothing is personal. i was at a car show....i for sure was not my target market!! The biggest 'hit' or seller at my booth, was rings, that wasn't even my creation or designs!! but i knew theY would be hot.....
here is what I did learn;
* i had more than enough stuff!!
* outdoor shows can be windy, so i need to find an earring holder (The earrings blew away a lot)
* bring sunscreen (i am really burnt)
* i don't think i will be closing off my website anymore for shows. I think it's important to have them both running at the same time. NOw that I have a lot of product, it will be nice to update the website AND make products for the shows.
* pricing matters. (clear pricing is important)
i think that's about it. I met some really great people at the car rally. I may even have some commissed pieces in a store in Midland. So it actually turned out great. I got my name out there. hung out with my sisters all day. and.....went with it.

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