Saturday, July 21, 2007

harry potter

dont' worry. by reading this post, i won't spoil any of the juicey details about the latest harry potter book. you know why? well. it would be, because i actually haven't opened the book yet.
This morning I woke up with anticipation of a great day. I was going to wake up, have breakfast with some friends and spend my day with harry potter and some diet coke. consumed by the latest book.
well. guess what didn't happen. all of the above. my aunt and uncle called this morning, wanting to come to toronto to hang at first conversation, i was ready to turn them down and say 'look, i alreayd have my day planned'.....but then thought about it and know what...I OWN the book.....lets hang out with the fam-damily. So off we went. we re-discovered toronto. a day at the CN tower. followed by some Eatons Mall Shopping. followed by some food!! what a great day. I came home and recieved an invitation to go see harry potter....i thought to myself...once more....why not? Its not like I have started to even pick up the away i went (didn't really get to see the was sold out). so away i go. or back home I go. 11pm. a little tired. not having yet opened the book....and afraid. that if i open it tonight. i might be opening pandora's box. so maybe. I will sleep with the book gently cradled in my arms awaiting the morning 'crackage' of the book;) with some coffeeeee.

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