Friday, April 06, 2007

long weekend

it's the easter long weekend. how excited am i? i feel that it came at just the right time. I really need the rest, relaxation and the time to work on beading.
I am really looking forward to the lack of plans. or the freedom that i have with this weekend. i am going to use it to regroup. tomorrow i get to spend some time with meloo. and on sunday my sister and her family will be coming to my house! SO it will be a nice mix of guests/socializing vs. spending some time solo.
i bought a few bunches of tulips too. to get me into the spring fever. since the weather isn't really helping me with that! i had high hopes of sitting on my back porch for a full day and reading. but. alas, mother nature isn't participating with that request. Which works out. cuz now i will bead. and clean. 2 of my favourite indoor activities (odd that reading is listed as outdoor).
off to grab a coffee. and relax. Will post pictures of some of my jewelry this weekend. the jewelry i create this weekend will go into brantford at my aunt's salon. I haven't replenished since christmas (oops).

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