Saturday, April 28, 2007

apparently people do read this

after getting flack from some of my friends; i am baaaacck. I actually didnt' realize that i had so many dedicated readers. I do love writing on my blog. so I will make sure that i schedule some time into my life to write.
today i am off to canada's wonderland! i'm a little excited. i always feel so loved around my aunt's family. when my cousins were little i was super close with them....we spent a tone of time together. i even lived with them for a short while when i was a teenager. so. i always love to see them. my roomate is coming along too. that will be fun. I will spend some time with him before his departure to South Africa (for a year).
Tonight is our alumni 'pub nite'. Should be really interesting!! after seeing the guest list and chatting with lots of people, i am really excited!!
other than that. it's been pretty busy and overwhelming. In such a great way. I think its Spring. but things for me really seem to be moving and shakin! I have a personal life coach which is really going to help my personal goals (finances, career, business and fitness) take off!! imagine.!!!
okay. i gotta jet. jack is going to daycare...AGAIN! this week he has been there 3 times. what a lucky boy...and financially drained momma! hilarious.

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