Sunday, April 29, 2007


wow. what a busy day.
i started off the day by heading over to jack's daycare to drop him off. he didn't want to go to daycare yesterday. he was probably too tired from the other 2 times he was there this week!! usually he only gets 1 visit a week (and that tuckers him out) poor guy. he was there 3 times this week!! so i have to really give him some love today.
From daycare. Roomate and I headed over to Canada's Wonderland. It was really cloudy. at some points it rained. and at other points it was just plain cold. it didnt' dampen our spirits tooo much. and was really fun. i laughed a lot. which is really great. We hit up only 4 rides in the whole day we were there! not that the line ups were crazy....just i kept running into family members everywhere! we would stop and talk for a bit or play or grab coffee. so it was more of a mingling exercise than anything! talked to lots of strangers. you know. had a great time.
from wonderland i headed home for a good nap. I needed my rest before heading out to the alumni pub event!! What a great night. there were 150 people who walked in the door. i swear, i knew 125 of those people!!! it was sooo great to see everyone again. to have some drinks. dance! and just be with people who know and love me!! i re-connected with a few people who i didn't even realize lived in toronto. we had the old dj's from the LU pub night come in and DJ the event. so it was awesome! they all knew us...we still knew them. it was great to catch up! I swear...the first 2 hours I was there was all running into people. hugging. and laughing. just the way an evening should be.

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