Sunday, April 15, 2007

sometimes. I'm a slacker.

i feel that i have slacked in my communicaiton in keeping my blog up to date. so much is happening right now. the world is spinning. it's probably times like these that the blog is best kept updated.
the last few days have spent with almost every second spent. and wondering what was to happen in the next second. but also kickin' some serious to-do list but!!
I came up with an idea of making bookmarks. the bookmarks will go in bags when I sell my product. it will be like the business card/thank you fo rsupporting me. the bookmarks are going to be super coOl! some having great sayings. all positive. all with my business name all over it. I am also going to make an option for people hosting events. (weddings, dinners, fundraisers) to create bookmarks with their event details/thank you/or information on them. What a great idea!! the bookmarks will have a beaded tassle and will be very professional/cool. I am going to start designing tomorrow. production will hopefully start next weekend!! Just one of my cool and many ideas. will share more later.

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