Saturday, March 10, 2007

and more

i posted earlier today about what a great night i had planned.
and i can't even tell you how much and MORE i completed! i have a bead stash (about 25%) organized...which is a feat in itself...but i have put inventory online...and created the new ebay store! I plan on taking a picture of the newly organized system that i have! i purchased 12 plastic 'shoe boxes'. which are clear. and labeled. i am going to divide my products by colours. i will be able to see through the boxes....which is really useful. will have the beads inside in little storage baggies with tags. ol-la-la. it excites me.
I have been contracted out to build 2 (yes 2) new websites this week. so I thought that I should at least have my stuff up to date before doing others sites. so my site is updated too! i changed to layout. it's much 'cleaner' now. and a different design. thank goodness i use the program i do with this would have take so MUCH longer to do in dreamweaver....
off to bag somemore beads. then will head to bed. I have a big day of a BEAD SHoW! not too mention, it is going to be such a gorgeous day. I will take jack to high park before i head out for the show. I have lunch plans with a person who wants a website designed. then will head to the bead show. I can't wait.

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