Saturday, March 10, 2007

umm. yeh

i didn't make it to the bead oasis today. saving that adventure until tomorrow. today was jam packed enough!
we headed over to costco for a 'little' shopping run! ended up getting a tone of cleaning supplies and other great finds (and of course everything is jumbo size!) then we did a quick run into ikea. i have a few organizers, new bed sheets, and some bins for storage. what else could a girl want for a saturday night? needless to say. i am starting to organize. then will eat/take some time off. then tonight. it's curling up in a clean house, with a glass of wine, and the either bead or knit. i have brought all of my wools/knitting supplies from the basement upstairs in an attempt to organize the wools by project. I want to start getting into knitting again. I fell off that bandwagon since my nephews blanket fell through. but need to get back on since i know so many people having babies!!
off to have the perfect saturday evening. ciao.

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