Sunday, March 11, 2007

my first beadshow

i finally made it to my first bead show. i have a sore back, aching shoulders, a scratchy throat and a smaller bank account all to attest the latest adventure.

i have to admit. I thought it woudl be bigger. that being said....bigger would have KILLED me. I pictured it in one of the huge rooms, and tones and tones of bead vendors. it happened to be in a few smaller rooms, with a tone of bead vendors. like really. how big did i think beads were?

before i headed out to the bead show. i took jack to high park (it's so gorgeous out) and had a few hours outside. it was super. that way, jack was conked out...and was i. I usually take the stance of feeling less guilty for being away from him for so long if he is tuckered out. but i rarely think of how I am tuckered out.

then i headed downtown. walked in. and was in complete overwhelm. I made an attempt to walk around once and then make my purchases after....that didn't work! i got halfway around and realized that it would take way too long to do a double trek. so i started purchasing, without fully knowing what was a head of me!! It ended up being perfect. I went slightly over budget, but not ridiculously over. so that was great. I ended up being overwhelmed with the first few, and then soon caught on....some bead places were similar. leaving my need to stop at all of them out.

One thing that I did learn a lot about was glass blowing. there are a few places that offer classes. the one in particular is in scaroborough and offers weekend courses! and after the course, will show you how to set up a glass studio at home. That sounds like an interesting adventure. I am going to see if i can afford both financially and time-wise, as I was also looking to start a certification course at Ryerson for graphic communications.....i'll see which one is a priority.

so. the fun part.i get to go back through my purchases! I have bags and bags and bags full of beads! There was a lot of great deals too! I went at the end of the day on thinking! I might of missed out on some great pieces, however, sunday afternoon definately has the bargains! people didn't want to pack up their booths, so most of my picks were 20 - 50% off! not to mention, i got a wholesale price at 2 of the vendors. thank goodness i had my BN and information on me!! I didn't get to see the soft-flex booth though, which was dissappointing. everytime i went to it...there was a MILLION people swarming it. I got to physically see it....but didn't get to see any product. so i will need to pick up some soft-flex from online tonight (beading wire).

ta ta for now. off to organize.

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