Wednesday, December 06, 2006

another vendor

so i have the first pieces of jewelry on display at my aunt's hair studio in brantford. how very exciting.

then. my sister calls me, to see if she can bring some to her work. she works at the sanderson centre in brantford. i reply with an immediate "of course". and before my sister puts the product up at her work, she is bringing them over to mom's work at the city of brantford for mom and her colleagues. how very exciting! and lots of work.

i have also had some inquiries in toronto! still working on them though so i will update my website once it has been solidified.

needless to say, the website still lacks products. i have one up there now, but that's all. i should post all of the samples i am creating...just to get an idea. hm.

off to my day job.

1 comment:

maria said...

looking forward to seeing your creations! Keep beading you!