Saturday, December 02, 2006

beads beads and more beads

i have taken up some very pecarious work of beading. i love it.
i have been spending too much time beading and knitting this week. i have to have the tv on while i do this. as the background noise keeps me company. the funny thing is, the things i have been watching. the super station has been my best friend lately, watching the wedding planner and mad love more than once in a week.

my first products are going on sale this weekend in brantford! i have just finished a display board, getting the pricing ready, getting bags and boxes, business cards and all the wrapping ready. It's exciting, and also makes me feel very vulnerable!! The first batch is being sent to Brantford, my aunt owns a hair studio, so they will be set up for Mondays' crew!! very exciting. that also means though, that i need to make a whole new batch for the website!
i still have the rest of tonight, along with some of tomorrow available. so here is to hoping i can get a full set up and running before Tuesday! :)

here is a taste of the products i sent to brantford

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