Saturday, June 10, 2006

ones a lonely number

jack went to woofstock today.not entirely what i thought. i pictured more like a doggie paradise, not so much a doggie heart-attack. it was nice for humans but i think a little hard on our k9 counterparts. first, i tried to round the troops and can you believe, no one could come with me. no one. in a past life-time i had many friends that woudl line up to attend a dog-event. this time. notta. i felt like i was asking people to go to the dentist. so. alas, jack and i took to the streets of toronto solo (or with each other). jack is so good. i can't even believe how lucky i am to have such a wonderful boy! he was so obident and great on the subway, let people step over him (he's too big not to take up the aisle). he let strangers pet him and here is the kicker. he let other dogs smell his butt without caring! past (maybe even puppy jack) would have tried to play and make such a huge scene...the leashes would tangle, I woudl apologize, some kid would get pushed over because of jack jumping....i think that is secretly why i wanted a friend there. so that IF that happened, i would have support.
i am happy to report that the above scenerio did not happen. in fact. jack was a complete gentleman. he was very obident and made his momma proud.
on another note. there was no mr. k9 canada entering today. 1) I was too scared that jack and i would get on stage and NO ONE would clap or support us. (weird fear, yes!) and 2) there was no way i was going to wait for 2 hours in line behind stage while we waited for teh competition. as much fun as that sounds. it didn't really appeal to me. so i tossed the idea. besides. he doesn't need to be mr. k9 canada to be number 1 in my books!

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Kindell & Josh said...

Way to go Jack! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful day - too bad there's 4 hours between us, otherwise we would have been there with Maple!