Sunday, June 11, 2006

whatta feeling

today was a fabulous day! i woke up and was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of things i needed to get done this weekend with the amount of time in my day. i took the roomies advice and got down to business, made a list and viola! i ended up getting a full garden planted, the front yard garden weeded and the front yard was raked. Cleaned up the tree clippings. re-planted some morning glories from the front and put them in the back. washed my sheets and the bathroom linen. did the dishes and watered all the plants. and. now. just relaxing and watching the simpsons.
last night i babysat and made some' extra cash. I am going to go and purchase myself some fresh cut flowers and some great flowers/plants for the front with the extra cash!!
i like feeling productive! it's the best. the only thing that i wish i did more of was work on the website! i need to get that finished sooN! (today was the deadline. maybe I'll work on it tonight). still. i feel great. and will really have a great sleep tonight.

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