Thursday, June 08, 2006

my boy and his quirks.

lately jack has taken to the indoors. not entirely sure if it has something to do with the outside heat, or the fact that he LOOOVES his new home! i taught jack how to let himself back inside once he is finished in the backyard. This way, he just pushes the door open and can come back in when he wants. I thought this was brillance. when we first taught him, he would run in the house and all of us would recieve him with a party for opening the door. now...we let him outside and he comes RIGHT back in. He doesn't even get off the deck! The other day the roomate and his friends/neighbours were all outside in the backyard, and there is jack, letting himself back inside! he wanted to be inside while everyone was outside. he's so silly.
the other funny thing he is starting to do is hang out on the couches ALL The time! a little background on jack. i got jack from the humane society in thunder bay, when he was a small lil loaf of bread! he was such a lil guy. when i took him to the vet, the vet had suggested that jack is an alpha and needs to be reminded repeatedly that I am the alpha. all i wanted was a cute cuddly puppy, and it turns out that alpha pups are more independant and dont' like to be touched or cuddled (mainly while sleeping...which for liek all the time) so it took something for me to really work with him to ensure that he knew that i was the alpha. like. me eating food first, walking in doors first, and yes, even sitting on future has some kind of established heirarchy. So when I am home (or any human who lives in the house) the rule is no dogs on the couch. it's a hard thing to enforce when he is the only one home and i know that he is relaxin' it up on the good ol' cream coloured couch! In the past, when he would hear me home, he would hop down to greet me.'s the long stretch as he stumbles off the couch. almost as if an exagerated downword dog yoga pose. it's liek he is saying "ohh..YOU are home" his snobbing little getting off the couch in a very exagerated and slow motion. little buggar. even in the mornings now. we get up, i go in the shower and jack RUNS downstairs to climb up on the couch. he has all of about 15 minutes of good ol' snoozin' before the big boss lady gets out of the shower.
his character is so hilarious. i love watching him grow. he just at the end of his teen years now. in september he will be an adult!! It's insane how i feel that time is flying (he's already 3) but i can't imagine or even remember my life without Jack by my side.

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