Sunday, June 25, 2006

happy prIde. day two

pride is here. its' funny how i made all my plans for pride and have no plans after say tuesday!! busy weekened will take a few days of resting for me!! man oh man.

I did meet Daniella Sea, or Moira from the L-word!! i got my picture taken iwht her! ican't wait to see it. It's on a friends camera. how exciting.
it was a great day of seeing friends and spending time in an outdoor park having beer and seeing a million people, that i haven't seen in ages! it was great. after teh beer gardens, i went to see some muZic! went to see bitch and the extraordinary conclusion (?) I believe is what her new band is called. She was fab. very ani. It was my first time seeing her perform. There was also genderfuct. that was pretty neat too.
I had a great day ....gotta run to costco (my roomate is obsessed with it!)

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