Wednesday, June 28, 2006


i went to brantford to visit the family during my holidays. I got to do a lot in the small amount of time i spent there! i attended my cousin's grade 8 graduation. she was pretty stoked that i attended. it was cute.

the other thing i totally noticed was how much my 16 month old niece really understood!! I had no idea. I could ask her a million questions and she would answer me...and usually very appropriately! I can't even believe how much that little creature understood! she can say about 20 words, and strings only 2 words together. but man oh man, she can comprehend so much!! it was adorable to have conversations with her and get her little mind racing. my nephew had been pretty darn cute as well. he is 10 going on 30! he already has a girlfriend who he claims "is in love with" whhhaaaA??? i am pretty sure i didn't know what "in love with" meant at the age of 28, so how does a 10 year old get it? intense. i love them. glad i got to spend time with them.

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