Friday, June 23, 2006

day one. con't

today was a day of the errand.
i did about a million. and still need to do a few more!! where did they all come from? Up early answering calls (just like work!!) which ended around 11am with some breakfast! had breakfast, then ran over to zellers. which ended up being like a few hours! huh? yeh. I know...i have no idea what I did in there!! I didn't even buy anything besides a new t-shirt & jack treats! came home. died the hair. i put red streaks in's okay. I wish they were bolder. they look a bit like red highlights instead of bold red. aw well. the roomate says i look younger...which will now let me pass for about 12! I then decided i wanted to make myself a drink and would perhaps whip over to the LCBO and pick up something.....until....I left my wallet at home! and being 12 and all....notta gonna work! so i trekked back home. ON the walk to the LCBO, Jack stopped! he wanted no part in walking any longer....uhmmm..."mom, when are you going back to are too much" is all i could see coming across his face. He just stood there. Still. Not wanting to go any further. poor guy. I didn't realize that his walk this morning, followed by a trek to Zellers, followed by a walk to the LCBO would be too much on him. SO. I took Jack to the park! not the dog park. I had a plan. I took him to the real childs those that know Jack...recognize that he doesn't love kids. infact. he is scared of them!! so. i brought him to the park and let him just be with the kids. we sat in the wallace emerson park (for kids) for about 20 minutes. First stage, consisted of Jack being very allert and watching every small child...second stage...a sit and watch. The third stage. full out layin on his back...belly exposed. So I feel as though I need to take him to the park a few days this week. I'll bring a book. and jack can just be with small children (of course he is leashed and sitting on the grass away from them) but if he can just be comfortable with the lil will make it a bit easier. so that was my day!! I still need to clean the bathroom. it has hair dye and hair ends everywhere!! hmm. I'm so good with the home hair repair. i get the stuff everywhere!!
off to clean the bathroom before Laguna Beach is on ( is a repeat!) but i still love it.

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