Friday, June 23, 2006

day one

so today is day one of the holidays.
i was nervous about leaving work. i wanted to be part of everything going on, so I felt like i wouldn't be part of the projects anymore. then...i put things in perspective and realized that really it's only a week. i need the break.
so here i am. ready for the break. i have 200 million things planned, and hope that I dont' stress or burn myself out trying to accomplish everything. this weekend is pride weekend, so naturally my weekend (plus) is booked. I'm having' a bbq this weekend too. Monday, trip to brantford. I want to read the devil wears prada along with going to a matinee. I would love to visit the zoo this week. and i will finish my website. the second weekend in july will be filled with attending a street sale in caledon, where i will be selling some jewlrey. it's pretty exciting. the first time i have really done anything so eleaborate. so i need to prepare. I also would really like to have a craft space in the house. which is a HUGE HUGE HUGE job. so i'll leave that for a bit. by my birthday, i will have the craft space set up, ready to go. I need to make my holiday gifts.
off to high park with the boi. he's v. excited about the holidays!

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