Friday, June 30, 2006

blue man group

i went to see the blueman group last night. i still can't figure out if i liked it or not. i found myself both fascinated and repulsed by this show. the physical accousting of auidence members, a basis in clowning, seemed to take a somewhat akward spin. at the end enormous rolls of toilette paper are unrolled and moved towards the stage; an environmentalists nightmare. i did like the serious points they made about internet cafes and printed words. They made some political and thoughtful points, which i thoroughly enjoyed. the rendition of white rabbit, was the highlight of my night. i enjoyed the creativity. I didn't love the anamoly of hanging an audience member upside down and painting him. I guess i just didn't get it.
so there is my review of the blue man group. entertaining. yes. thoughtprovoking (slight yes) and almost enjoying.

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