Saturday, April 29, 2006

B-Jo is a dreamer

i never remember my dreams!! however, lately, I am a machine!! Hopefully kin will help me out with enterpretting the latest dream!

I was working as res life cooridnator at Lakehead (really a dream, not a memory!) and we had to evacute and get ready because the campus (which looked very familar to the house i grew up in Princeton Ontario) was going to flood. My friends (unrecogniable other than Matthew L). So i truck out into the rains/floods in my boat to find everyone. All of the students are leaving in boats...taking three different paths to three different "hill tops". They told me the names, but i have nothing....anyhow...while the students when via boats to the hill tops I went back home (where apparently rain wouldn't flood) and hung out with my friend Matthew L! i then woke up to the beaming sun in my eyes...yep, this kid slept in!!! didnt' even hear stephen leave/get up for work!!

my latest dream. De-juvu is still pretty prevelant and my sense of smell is still pretty to clean. it's the weekend and our house is very chaotic....peace out.


Kindell & Josh said...

Well Bjo I am going to do my very best to help you!
First I will acknowledge the flood... in flood dreams, it is usually positive energy the dreamer is anxious about and it can be enriching to growth if handled well. Second... the hill - this may represent a climb to higher attainments - you climb up to success, and go downhill for failure. Third... the fact you dreamnt about being back at university - this may be linked to your experience of what university life meant to you - it is worth defining what your overall impression of university was... loneliness?friendship?...
Fourth... the number 3 - represents a triangle (mother, father, child) = synthesis & creativity... a child springing from 2 opposites.
Bjo... I truly think - and Josh and I have come to a concensus about this... that whoever wrote my dream dictionary was completely stoned, because none of this makes any sense! (Unless of course this makes total sense for you... and if that's the case, please keep us informed)
But regardless... keep telling us your dreams and we will continue to do our best to "analyze" them.
xo K & J

billijo said...

You two rock. I agree, those interpretations dont' really hit the spot....i wish they were more simple, like....YOu are going to win a million know.

last night i had a dream that i organized a new to my life's what I do everyday at work....the only distinguishable thing was that I wrote everything in colour dreams are getting boring..haha. melissa has some "lucid dream tea" taht she drinks before bed! apparently they give you really vivid dreams in which you can really feel and touch! interesting eh...I would be scared to use it.