Thursday, April 27, 2006


I can't quite pin-point what is happening to/around me. here is a list. you figure it out.
1) my sense of way OFF! i smell everything and it is overpowering. to the point of not being able to concentrate on anything else...weird? yes.
2) constant feelings of de-ja-vu....hmm. angels guiding me? perhaps. maybe i have already experienced this part of my life previously? perhaps. maybe something is just off? perhaps....
3) last night i had a dream about this hunka hunka burnin' love. yes...Ryan Atwood ladies and gentleman. My dream consisted of being held hostage (with jack) by some men (I believe they might have been the men from the movie Domino) i finally escaped from them (with jack) and ran into the arms of my loving boyfriend Ryan Atwood. Not sure if perhaps I was airing on an episode of the OC...or if Benjamin Mackenzie likes being referred to as Ryan Atwood...not sure...I think I am analayzing my dream too much. the quick and dirty. I dreamt that Ryan Atwood was my boyfriend? so..again...just a bit off....

hummmm....I need to read my horoscope... my horoscope doesn't seem to have anything about my weird experience...just that i am the best;) LIBRA you really shouldn't feel so dissappointed. Despite your worst self-doubts and against the odds, you have not failed in your attempt to prove your worth. You may not be infalliable, but you are beyond reproach. You are the best.

I couldn't make that up if I tried.
Happy the OC is on tonight...can't wait to reunite with my boyfriend!


Kindell said...

Well Bjo I just looked up in my dreambook the meaning behind being kidnapped... I'm quite tired so the words are too big for me to understand, but basically it says the influence of fears & negative feelings present as an external force - but if you can recognize these self created emotions - they lose their power (make sense? didn't think so...) Also says that it's a loss or feelings of security, or someone forcing their will on you... hmmm...and it also says that since you dreamnt of an actor - you are acting a role;wanting attention;deception. Who knew eh Bjo?
As for the keen sense of smell... I experienced that with my pregnancy - uh oh, apparantly you and your OC friend did a little more than dream together! hehe...

billijo said...

hey kin. thanks so much for checking out my weird dream for me. still makes little to no sense to me...but it's great to know :) as for my OC dating..really, who doesnt' want to date Ryan Atwood? HAHAH. so funny!

I miss you and Josh!

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