Sunday, March 19, 2006

went to see eight below despite friends words of warning that the show might make me cry. not only made me cry, it made my bottom lip quiver! The show also made me happy! it's disney. they have a way of making it all okay!

i loved the dogs in this film! it was so great to see their characteristics shine through. the human plot was rather boring, but luckily most of the plot was on the 8 gorgeous dogs! I fell in love with them instantly. The hardest part of the movie, would be when I would think; "i couldn't leave Jack there, what if that was Jack, oOohh " then came the tickle at the back of the throat, followed by the tears streaking the face and finally, the body thrust and bottom lip quiver. yes. this movie made my bottom lip quiver! so there you have it, great movie. bring tissues. luckily i had plenty. I will purchase this movie once it's out on DVD for jack to watch! He loves watching dogs on TV. I think he would most relate to Max (not because he was the star, but becuase max pulled some punk moves at the beginning, which is completely jack!)

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